Accept crypto payments online directly, free of intermediaries and banks.

Get paid to process crypto and USD stablecoin payments online for 0% fees. Earn up to 15% APY on your sales revenue with our fully-insured crypto savings account.

Earn more money on your incoming money.

When your customers pay you through the Payquiry gateway/API or the easily-integratable crypto payment widget, you can choose where those funds go. Read more below.

Security is our highest priority

We are in compliance with SOC 2 Type I & Type II as well as the Level 2 Cryptocurrency Security Standard. Data is transmitted over encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections. All intermediary funds are passed through segregated offline FIPS 140-2 Level 3, tamper-resistance hardware modules. Smart-contract protocols used for yields are insured by internal safety modules, and smart-contract failure insurance. Providing the most secure yields and storing of liquidity.

Insurance on all of your assets

Additionally to Payquiry's emergency insurance pool, we regularly deposit collateral into smart contract-insured protocols that cover the amount of assets held on our platform. Accounts on our platform are also covered by Nexus Mutual at no cost. Our model can scale to insure over $10B in assets. In the unlikely case of a failure causing a loss of funds on our platform, all customers will be repaid. Savings wallets are fully-insured and recieving wallets are insured up to $5,000.

Unrivaled flexibility and privacy

We do not require you to provide personal identification or KYC for transactions you recieve. You may choose to disable your intermediary Payquiry wallet and recieve payments directly into a external wallet address such as your personal hardware wallet. (however some features may not be available such as analytics, insurance, on-demand exchanges, earning interest, etc). A self-hosted version of our payment processor will also be released sometime in the future.

On-demand liquidity of payments

Instantly convert your incoming crypto into the crypto or stablecoin of your choice with minimum slippage. We integrate with multiple liquidity providers in order to give you the best rate when exchanging your incoming payments. We do not charge any fees to swap your payments to other cryptocurrencies. You may control exactly how you would like your resulting portfolio portioned through our unique on-demand liquidity feature.


transactions processed by (invited) merchants


savings stored earning APY


Self-Insurance coverage on all assets

“A bridge between online merchants and DeFi”

Being a course owner it's difficult to understand the space of DeFi and try to integrate with those projects, when we found Payquiry the process was extremely easy, we just had to add the crypto payment option, then Payquiry took care of everything behind the scenes giving us all the benefits of DeFi without having to deal with all of the internal complexities.

Charles B.

Financial Course Founder

“Finally another payment option besides credit cards”

I feel like by adding the Payquiry integration to our SaaS business, our customers have another more secure and anonymous option. Plus, I'm loving how I don't have to pay 2.9% + $0.30 on my crypto payments like I would with cards. We give discounts to our customers for using crypto to pay, as Payquiry allows us to earn more revenue from our payments.

Raj P.

SaaS Founder

Merchant Pricing

Payquiry does not profit off pricing, it is strictly optional and is used to cover expenses, expand, and keep our servers online. All profits go back into our token which anyone can purchase and hold.


/ transaction
  • 3% APY on wallet balance
  • Unlimited processing
  • Pass-through option
  • Insurance on wallets
  • On-demand liquidity
  • Custom gateway branding

/ transaction
  • 10% APY on wallet balance
  • Unlimited processing
  • Pass-through option
  • First level Insurance
  • On-demand liquidity
  • Custom gateway branding

/ transaction
  • 15% APY on wallet balance
  • Unlimited processing
  • Pass-through option
  • Second level Insurance
  • On-demand liquidity
  • Custom gateway branding

Does Payquiry hold merchant balances?

All revenue from your customers are accumulated in an insured recieving wallet (up to $5,000). From where, you may withdraw at anytime or create triggers to automate withdrawals to external addresses or to your interest-earning savings wallet. Your wallet balances also accumulate interest daily. The pass-through option allows you to completely disable our intermediary wallets and get payments sent directly to any external addresses of your choice.

What currencies does Payquiry support?

As of now we currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI, GUSD, USDC, USDT and PAXG. We constantly add support for more currencies as we go. You may also instantly convert incoming revenue into any crypto of your choice without exchange fees. For example, recieving your ETH as USDC.

Can Payquiry handle recurring subscriptions?

Yes we do! With our integration, customers recieve invoices to pay every month or year, as well as one-time payments. You may program what actions you want to occur if invoices are paid or not paid through webhooks. We plan to add integrations with major wallet providers to process automatic payments.

Will Payquiry ever close my account?

Companies that operate within country-specific jurisdictions such as Coinbase Commerce must abide by strict regulation. This means they can and will shutdown accounts regularly if they deem any transactions "suspicious". We will never close your accounts unless a full investigation is conducted and illegal activity is proven.

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Payquiry Token ($PAQ)

We treat our token like a better "stock" in the sense that those who own it, benefit from the profits and growth of Payquiry, as well as enhancing perks for merchants using Payquiry. Payquiry invests 90% of its profits (from merchant processing fees) into our token $PAQ which anyone can purchase and hold, along with a 15% annual dividend paid out in the cryptocurrency of your choice. Our token is deflationary, from the tokens our treasury buys back with profits, 5-15% of the supply is destroyed annually for the first 5 years of its existence, in order to continually grow the price of our asset. The first deflationary event is set at November 20, 2021 where 15% of the circulating supply will be destroyed. We have allocated 10% of our token to the First level Insurance pool, to cover merchant balances in the case of a loss of funds by Payquiry. Additionally, Payquiry's profits are used to pay a premium to Nexus Mutual in order to insure all recieving wallets. We encourage merchants as much as investors to purchase and hold $PAQ as both parties will recieve benefits. $PAQ is a standard ERC-20 token which can be transferred to any external wallet or swapped for other popular cryptocurrencies on exchanges such as Uniswap.